"Arabic Anaphora Resolution Using Holy Qur’an Text As Corpus"


Seddik KM, Fahmy A, Farghaly A. "Arabic Anaphora Resolution Using Holy Qur’an Text As Corpus". In: ALTIC. ALTIC. Alexandia, Egypt: Arabic Language Technology Center (ALTEC); 2011. p. 21-28.

Date Presented:

9 October


This paper presents work in progress about Anaphora resolution for Arabic texts. Anaphora Resolution is a complicated problem in NLP and has attracted the attention of many researchers. Anaphora is a linguistic relation between two textual entities which is defined when a textual entity (the anaphor) refers to another entity of the text which usually occurs before (the antecedent). The process of determining the antecedent of an anaphor is called anaphora resolution.. In this paper, we present a general survey about anaphora resolution and discuss our suggested work on Arabic anaphora resolution. The suggested technique follows the statistical approach to AR and applies AR on Qur’an script.

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