The Muse Approach to Or-Parallel Prolog


Anon. The Muse Approach to Or-Parallel Prolog.  International Journal of Parallel Programming. 1990.


Muse (Multi-sequential Prolog engines) is a simple and efficient approach to Or-parallel execution of Prolog programs. It is based on having several sequential Prolog engines, each with its local address space, and some shared memory space. It is currently implemented on a 7-processors machine with local/shared memory constructed at SICS, a 16-processors Sequent Symmetry, a 96-processors BBN Butterfly I, and a 45-processors BBN Butterfly II. The sequential SICStus Prolog system has been adapted to Or-parallel implementation. Extra overhead associated with this adaptation is very low in comparison with the other approaches. The speed-up factor is very close to the number of processors in the system for a large class of problems.